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We’re Wolf Spirit Badge

The We’re Wolf Spirit Badge signifies that you are a Skinwalker Monster Scout.

Black Bones 4 Badge

The Black Bones Spirit Badges are gifts for supporting our online store The Black Bones 4 Badge is for making a non-badge purchase for $400 or more. Show off that you’ve supported our store! Passphrase No passphrase is necessary, just… Continue Reading →

Craft Champ Badge

The Craft Champ Spirit Badge is for Monster Scouts who like to make stuff… which is basically most Monster Scouts.

Potions Badge

The Potions badge is for Monster Scouts who are good at mixing concoctions and potions of many sorts. Great for Monster Medics and Conjure Guard especially.

Magic Badge

The Magic Badge is for Witches and Warlocks who practice and toy with the powers of Aethir.

SHINDIG 17 Badge

The Gorgon Badge for our SHINDIGs of 2017

Crow Guide Spirit Badge

Crows are said to be able to lead folks back and forth from the Monster World of Monstru, though with great cost.

Surf Host Badge

The Surf Host Spirit Badge is offered to those fine folks who host the Steam Crow Crew on our various adventures, conventions, and treks.

Kline Redback 1 Badge

The Kline Redback VIRTUAL badge comes with the Kline Redback album, “I’m a Monster Too”, from 1965.

Krampus 2016 Spirit Badge

The Krampus 2016 Spirit Badge came with our KRAMPUS COLLECTION 2 Kickstarter.

Conjure Guard Hat Badge

The Conjure Guard Hat badge is for fanatical Conjure Guards

Goblin Boy Badge

The Goblin badge is a gift from Goblin himself. (Not for sale.)

Black Bones 3 Badge

The Black Bones 3 Badge is for folks who buy from, and support us in a large way.

Book Club Badge

The Book Club badge is for Scouts who attend and participate at a Book Club Meeting.

Dawna Badge

The Dawna Spirit Badge is a gift from Dawna, herself.

Halloween Cat Badge

The Halloween Cat Spirit Badge is for those Scouts who love Halloween.

Monster Scouts Emblem Badge

The Monster Scouts emblem patch shows the world that you’re a Monster Scout. And it looks dang fine.

Sea Scouts Core Badge

This is the Sea Scouts Core Patch. You can nest standard Spirit Badges beneath it, you salty dog.

Skull Scout Core Badge

The Skull Scouts are a obscure and oft hidden sect of Monster Scouts who serve and aid “Bloodless” creatures of all sorts. This is their official patch.

Dapper Drakuuls Badge

Sometimes a Vampire chips a tooth, a Monster doesn’t floss, or a Manling needs to flash some teeth; these faux fangs come in handy. Dapper Drakuul’s is here to help you keep your cool.

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