This Monster Scouts emblem patch is our new logo for this season, and has been embroidered in this handsome patch.


There is but 1 level of the Monster Scouts Emblem Patch. It is an old and dusty level, at that.


Some say that the Yeti are distant relatives of the Sasquatch, but don’t tell them.

Monster Scouts Emblem Patch

Point Value

TheMonster Scouts Emblem Patch is worth 25 Glory points.


Yeti are smart, tough, and and friendly.


This is a common badge.

Personal Scout Challenge

To fully earn the Monster Scouts Emblem, the Scout must:

  1. Complete at least 2 Missions
  2. Recruit at least 2 other friends to join
  3. Try to attend at least one event. (Or make an informal one, on your region.)

Good luck, Scout!

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Unlocked By