Welcome, Monster Scout Recruit!

The Welcome Skull Spirit Badge is for new Monster Scouts, recruited with our tri-fold brochure. It is solely a virtual badge, meaning that there is no physical version of it. (Since it was given out free.) There are a bunch of other real badges, that you can collect when you’re ready.


The main rule of the Monster Scouts is: be cool. We’re not for everyone, we’re for folks who are creative, kind, and unusual.


There is no passphrase for this particular badge, since it is redeemed at your PC tower computer terminal. Some badges encourage you to say a passphrase, to get them.


There is 1 level of the Welcome Skull Badge.

Point Value

Each badge has GLORY points assigned to it. This one has a whopping 25, to get you started. Most are worth 10 points, though there are a few worth hundreds of points.


The next step for you is to fill out your PROFILE, so folks can get to know you.


Skulls are fun! It’s a reminder to live life, kind of a Momento Mori in reverse.


This is a Common badge.

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Unlocked By