Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Monster Scouts?

It’s a real-life community of monster loving misfits. We’re kind of like Scouts + Makers + D&D 

Do you believe in Monsters?

Um, yeah!

Who is this for?

It’s for people. Mostly adults, but we have families too. It’s for folks who love Halloween, imagination, and play.

If you like Welcome to Nightvale, Gravity Falls, D&D, Steam Crow, or Harry Potter – you might like us.

There are badges?

Yeah. There are lots of real cloth Spirit Badges. You can buy Patron Badges, but Mission Badges must be earned.

How do you earn badges?

We have a bunch of missions that you can complete. There will be more added over time.

Is Monster Scouts meant to replace the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts?

Nope. We love the traditional Scouts, and we feel like they teach a lot of important life skills and lessons. Monster Scouts is all about imagination, creativity, monsters and play. Our groups have entirely different aims.

Do you wear uniforms?

Yeah, many Monster Scouts elect to wear their uniforms at events, con rallys, and meetups. It is not a requirement. Some folks are MONSTER Scouts, meaning that they also wear a monster costume as part of their uniform.

You do ever meetup?

Yeah, we’ve done game days, Disneyland meetups, convention Rallys, Calamity Parades, and Monster Camps. We also have a Forum where folks hang out between events.

You do Monster Camps?

Yeah, we’re doing 5 in 2017. They’re something that we just started to do, based on the requests of our Scouts. We call them “SHINDIGs”.

What happens at SHINDIGs?

We play games, play music, feast, and celebrate monsters. It’s kind of like Halloween, but at a campout.

Are there membership dues?

Not currently, though we will introduce enhanced memberships in 2017.  Everything you see here now will continue to be free.

Who started this thing?

Our lore says that Baron Davis invented this thing in 1903, after he and his scarecrow got struck by lightening.

Who runs this thing?

Daniel & Dawna Davis of Steam Crow run the Monster Scouts, along with countless Scout volunteers.

How come I’ve never heard of this before?

Well, it’s pretty new having just begun in December 2014. It started in Arizona, and is slowly growing organically throughout the country – and beyond.

Do you have Monster Scouts in MY town/city/country?

Maybe? Look around the forum and see. You may need to start your very own Local Troop.

How do I start a local troop?

Right now, you just do it. Tell your friends about it, get them to join the forum, and do some Scout stuff. Let us know you exist so we can start working on coming to your region.

How do I join?

Register for our Forum, and join our FACEBOOK Group. (If you FB.)

Are you on Social Media?

Our Facebook Group is the main deal, and we also have a Pinterest for inspiration. You can also follow Steam Crow on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Why doesn’t Monster Scouts have X?

Well, it’s really new. There’s mainly one person who illustrates, writes, and imagines all of this stuff.

This seems kind of weird. Is this weird?

Yeah, it’s as weird as it is great. This isn’t for everyone.