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    Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis
    Scout Administrator

    Hi there, Crow Scout! Welcome!

    This is where you introduce yourself. Tell us something odd about you or something you like.

    How did you discover Steam Crow? Stuff like that.

    Just reply to this thread with your intro, and Welcome aboard!

    Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis
    Scout Administrator

    I’ll start.

    My name is Daniel, and I imagine monsters. Ever since I was a kid (only child) I had imaginary friends and figured that there were monsters looking back at me when I gazed into the pine forests of Deer Park, Washington.

    I now live in Peoria, Arizona, where I work with my wife Dawna creating stuff for Steam Crow. (Which WE discovered in July of 2005.)

    I love Count Chocula, vintage design and illustration, movie-films, reading books, listening to power-pop rawk, and collecting toys and miniatures.

    Ryan Torstvet

    Ryan here! From Southern California,avid gamer,comic book reader and Horror fan. I laso just picked up learning how to play guitar.

    Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis
    Scout Administrator

    My name is S. Auditar. I joined the Scouts in 1903, at the behest of Baron.

    I joined this community because I heard that the Scouts were being re-established, once again.

    Have you seen any other Scouts?


    My name is Maxxwell. I have been in the shadows following Steam Crow & The Scouts. I hope I am good enough to make the big leagues.

    Zach Ferguson

    Hello, all!

    My name is Zach and I live in Rock Springs, WY. I discovered Steam Crow around 2008 or 09 through happenstance really, but ever since I read my first page of Monster Commute, I’ve been hooked.

    I’m a fan of Star Wars, Godzilla, and nearly anything dieselpunk.

    Tim Strong
    Tim Strong
    Monster Scout

    hi…. I’m Tim….I have always seen monsters and now I help them to conceal their true selves by appearing like everyday folks….

    I met stream crow at first Friday….and lived to tell the tale of the supernova Keen Halloween…. and the epic drama of 20×20 con booth….

    and now look forward to the world domination of the steam crow scouts and greater monster acceptance….

    Ren Cummins

    A tip of the hat and a dance of the jig as was done in ye olden times… or somesuch. I’m Ren, a writer and musical oddity, and I appear to have been a scout in a previous incarnation upon this verdant globe of ours. Hard to say when – to borrow the phrase, it’s all quite “wibbly wobbly” and very much “timey wimey”.

    I did cross paths with the SteamCrow peeps in this incarnation at one of the Emerald City Comic Cons several years past, so I suppose it was just a matter of time before I wound up here.

    And thank the dark betentacled gods I did, too! I’m ready, Baron. Let’s go a-monstering!


    I’m Bob.

    I was introduced to Steam Crow at a Phoenix Comicon long ago.
    Since then I’ve continued to lurk around Steam Crow booths, I’ve ushered my two young children into the ways of Good Monster Goods and am very happy to have gotten to know Daniel and Dawna.

    I love ghost stories, Ghostbusters, alternate universes and all kinds of peanut butter.


    Hi! Many name is Susan, and I am an artist, crafter, and milliner. My hubby and I are the originators of the Vented Hats for SteamPunk. I also make small fascinator hats for the ladies, jewelry, wire wrapping paintings, calligraphy, and ceramics. I’d like to think it keeps me out of trouble.

    I have been a devoted follower of our fearless leader, SteamCrow, for a couple of years now. I was introduced to him and his work though our mutual friend Sue Kaff. I am also part of the Tiny Army.

    I love StarWars, Princess Bride, and am seriously looking forward to the TV show Galavant. (I hope it’s totally hokey!)


    I was kicked out of the SC Scouts years ago for “unholy relations with monsters”. I’m glad to see the new Scouts have a more permissive attitude toward those of us with alternative lifestyles.


    Hello. My name is Dyan, and I discovered Steam Crow totally by accident when I was looking for something else entirely. I guess it’s not surprising because I’ve always been a kind of “road-less-traveled-by” person. Love science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, I’m a big fan of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden and Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson.


    Salutations! Meow so happy to be a steam-meow scout. Meow love meownsters, art, and everything steam-meowpunk. Meow met daniel n dawna at the disney gallery In CA and meow loves them!! Meow can’t wait for the adventures to begin!!!


    Hello everyone! My name is Kristen, and I only recently discovered Steam Crow at the Alamo City Comic Con! Living in San Antonio, I mostly admire monsters from afar, writing about them and my fellow manlings in a variety of pocket sized notebooks.


    Hello everyone please call me Aoi (pronounced owie) I currently reside in Phoenix Az and was posted a invite to this forum by the Steam Crow Army.


    Just a random question do you spend any time at Imperial Outpost?

    Leith Macdonald

    I’m Stitchpunk. I’m a field agent, living at the other end of the world, far far away from my fellow Scouts and our beloved leaders.
    I like sci fi and steampunk and monsters and Alice in Wonderland. I have an Etsy shop and a mad scientists lair where I do Things with Dye and yarn and fibre.
    I like peanut butter and potato chip sandwiches.


    Hi, I am Mike, Michael, Schultzy, Necro Monkey, and in a previous life Sgt Schultz (I know nothing). These fun facts are also listed on my website, but all are true.

    Was a patient zero and written about in the New England Journal of Medicine
    Learned to walk from a dog
    First sentence was “Thank you, roach”
    Learned to read from subtitles
    Time magazine’s 2003 Person of the Year (along with all my fellow service members)
    Is going to run for President


    Hi, I am Lynne and I live in Tucson. I first met Steam Crow in Mesa at a very small Phoenix ComiCon way back when and I have been a fan ever since. I am a Monster lover, not a hater.

    AJ Hernandez

    Good Evening Scouts!
    It’s AJ…I probably know a few of you out there! I make monsters too…but I use makeup, latex, and blood….lot’s and lot’s of blood! Most recently you may have seen my work at Phoenix Comicon Frighthouse and Chambers of Fear.
    Anyways…I am stoked to be a Steam Crow Scout, and I look forward to earning my badges!!!

    Kevin I
    Kevin I

    I’m Kevin.
    I’m way out east, so my Steam Crow Scoutage is by mail. Ready to serve faithfully in any north-east adventures.

    Found Steam Crow back on a webcomics creator boards back when dreams lived and flourished, then hung out on the Monster Commute boards in their early days.

    I’m a so-so pinball player.

    There was a man in the next town over who had a Batmobile. He would drive it around on weekends dressed as Batman and I would see him at stoplights. This has influenced my view of reality ever since.

    Raven Cruz
    Raven Cruz
    Monster Scout

    My name is Raven (real birth name).

    I’m an illustrator and graphic designer who graduated from the Art Institute of Phoenix. This is where I first encountered Steam Crow. It was a Tiny Army poster that caught my attention on campus which led me to attend my first meeting where I became acquainted with Daniel, Dawna and Goblin Boy.

    My secondary passion has always been video games. I love the culture, the terminology and the competitiveness. If anyone wants to team up with me on XboxLive, my gamertag is RevengeLover (surprise, surprise?). I collect old games and systems (not as hardcore as I used to) and like to include gamer easter eggs and styles in a lot of my illustration work.

    I recently moved back home to California and reside in the smallest city of Cypress. You can find me commuting back and forth through Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Phoenix. Say Hi to me at Phoenix Comicon! 9 times out of 10 you’ve probably seen my work. I’m part of the Marketing Team (Art Department) and used to be Art Creation Coordinator back in 2013. You can also see me zipping around San Diego Comic-Con.

    I don’t normally talk a lot, but I do tend to write a lot, so here’s where I end my bio.


    Dash DoRight here, devil-may-care flying fool and all-around good guy. Nah, just kidding, my name is Don and I’m pretty ordinary. I remember as a very young kid watching Dr. Scar on Saturday nights, introducing an eclectic collection of monster movies. For those who remember the Stone Age, that was on a black-and-white television.

    The bad influence of Dr. Scar and an innate love of dinosaurs has led me to where I am today. I like monsters in general (especially all the Universal Studios series) and Godzilla in particular. I think the mummy was my favorite old-school monster, but it’s so hard to choose.

    I’m a musician, an artist, a dabbler, and a little compulsive, and I like long walks on the beach in broad daylight (because they mostly come at night. Mostly.)


    Good day, fellow Scouts. It is with great pleasure that I have found this extraordinary group of monster lovers. Both my husband and myself are looking forward to interacting with this unique group. We reside in Phoenix, AZ (just a short drive away from the creators of this wondrous collection) and both enjoy Steam Crows’ creative efforts. We are retired and participate in artistic activities, reading science fiction/fantasy/historical novels, comics and traveling.


    Daniel (not Davis). I first found out about Steam Crow some years ago at a Con in southern California (can’t remember which, though). I was just casually walking down the aisles when I saw their booth and I fell in love. The art was great; Fun, vibrant and eccentric, and now I have more pieces than I know what to do with. But what I thought was really special was how, through talking with him, you could really tell how much Daniel wanted to be there selling his art and interacting with the fans. He really loves what he does and it shows through in his work.

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