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    Hey, as we approach SHINDIG Season here in August, I thought that I should probably plant some seeds on what’s to expect, and how to prep.

    1. Get your camping gear ready to go. Look at some supply lists so you don’t have to remember everything. Here are some Camping Resources we use.
    2. Make some meal plans. We’ll do 2 potlucks – one on Friday Night, and Saturday Night.
    3. Get your uniform together. Choose a Branch. Get a grey shirt, stitch some badges onto your satchel/bag of choice.
    4. Gather stuff for Barter Circle. This can be hand-made crafts, art, old gear, Monster stuff, interesting supplies, or other Scoutcraft. Barter is a blast!
    5. Get your dice ready! We have a game library that we’ll bring, but you can bring your favorite game to play and share, too!
    6. What can you Craft/Teach? If you can offer some Monster Scouty activity that you want to share at SHINDIG, please let us know!
    7. Do some Missions! As you anticipate our campout, don’t forget that you can earn badges NOW! You’ll be decked out with more HEXES!
    8. Learn about the Monster Scouts. Read up on the site. Check out the Glossary. Read about Branches. Learn our Story and Culture.

    Nerds In Nature!

    Prepare for a weekend of less technology, and more chill! Don’t panic, but start prepping for a great weekend!

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