Scouts, we need able-bodied recruits!

Your Mission is simple: Spread this propaganda poster.

Download this recruitment poster, and post it in a public place (that won’t get us in trouble.)


  • College campus
  • Coffee shop bulletin board
  • Workplace break room
  • Comic book shop
  • Comic convention freebie table
  • Your roommate’s door
  • A friend or stranger’s hand

Mission Files:

Black and White Flyer pdf (392k) PRINT

Join the Scouts BW

Black and White Flyer 4 UP pdf (2.5 meg) PRINT

Recruitment poster 4 up

Color Flyer pdf (734k) PRINT


Web graphic (291k) WEB


Photograph your evidence. Those of you who put this into 5 or more different locations will be rewarded with a Haunted Hand Badge.

Haunted Hand Mission 1Remember, we’re looking for effectiveness.

Report your success here! (Send us a link to your photo evidence.)

Caveat: Do not get us into trouble – ask for permission first before posting fliers on private property. Getting the Scouts into trouble is not your goal.

Go get ’em, CROW!

Haunted Hand