Challenge: Have A Monstrous Day

The Steam Crow Scouts are all about making the world less bad; wish folks a “MONSTROUS DAY” with a Scouts imaginary card!

Why? Because most everyone could use a reminder to have a bigger/better day, and MONSTROUS is just the kind of bigger/better we’re talking about. (AND, it spreads our Pro-Monster Agenda through goodwill and positive mind rays.)

Web It

Post the graphic on your friend’s Facebook/Google+/Tumblr/whatever page, and write “Have a Monstrous Day” or whatever else your crafty and devious mind comes up with.

Make sure that you TAG IT #steamcrow and #monsterscouts and add this link to your posts:

Post at least 20 of these (over time) and you’ll be eligible for this badge. (Heck, you can do more, or just do 3 a day.)

Don’t have social media? Email it to some of your friends and/or family.

Monstrous Day Card (647k jpg) WEB

Do not print this one, that's why I made a nice pdf of it.

Do not print this one, that’s why I made a nice pdf of it.


Print It

We’ve also created this print version, that you can run on a black and white (or color) printer. Put one on your co-worker’s desk, pin it up at the water-cooler bulletin board, or on your pal’s door. (Or even MAIL them out!)

There are 2 per sheet, so we won’t waste your toner.

Monstrous Day Card (2.9 MB) PRINT

Print this one, if you want to print it out. It will look nicer.

Print this one, if you want to print it out. It will look nicer.

The Idea

We really need your help spreading the word. Try to make it as effective as you can. You can continue helping after you earn your badge. (Please.)


Once you’ve distributed 20 of these (or more), you will be eligible for the Monstrous Day Badge:

Monstrous Day Badge

Report your success here!