Challenge: Shout Scout

Support the Steam Crow Scouts by shouting out and spreading the word about our new 2015 Kickstarter.

Why? Because we need your help to let your network of associates and friends know about our awesome secret society. Also, the KS itself is pretty cool.

This is primarily a Social Media campaign; use your online contacts and wits to SHOUT about the SCOUTS!

How to Get Started

  1. Join the Steam Crow Scouts. It’s alright, it’s free.
  2. Follow the directions below.
  3. Document your work!
  4. Post your contributions on the forum
  5. Fill out the SURVEY

Where To Promote

  • Social Media sites: Facebook, Instagram, GooglePlus, Twitter, Ello and any other Social Media where you have Followers.
  • Email to friends: Don’t spam folks, but let them know about why you’re excited about the Scouts
  • Forums: If you are a member of any related online communities or forums (probably not the Boy/Girl Scouts) post there, but be respectful.

Be creative; if you have a great idea to reach interested online folks, do it. (Just don’t piss folks off.)

When To Do This

Please SHOUT ANYTIME during the campaign, but we have a few core dates that have required participation.
Why? Because KS live and die on the Beginning, Middle, and End of the campaigns.

We need your voice at these times, especially.

The Beginning: July 6-8

It is especially critical to get to a strong start; folks are most likely to support a Kickstarter when they see that it is successful, or very likely of success. Make sure that you SHOUT and amplify our messages on July 6-8th.

The Message:

  • Join the Crow Scouts, and support the Kickstarter today!
  • Believe in Monsters? Support the Crow Scouts Kickstarter!
  • Earn badges! Scouts the believe in Monsters!
  • Or something better! Your own words will probably be the best.

Use images from the campaign, or use a photo of your Scout Bag and badges. Be creative. Have fun.

Bonus points: Submit our Kickstarter to a geek/nerd/niche blog or news site. Be persuasive and short, and try to entice them to write about us.

The challenge: We’re away at the San Diego Comic-Con from July 7-12, so we’ll have some radio silence around here. We need you to take up the torch, Scout!

The Middle: July 20-24

All Kickstarters tend to die in the middle of the campaign. Please say something about the Scouts (and link to our KS page) during July 20-24.

The Message:

  • Tell folks something that you like about the Scouts, or what they might like too.
  • Share a pledge level image that you think is cool.
  • Show off an image of your Badges, Uniform, or Scouts creation; let folks know that they can get involved too.

Bonus points: Make your own 1 minute Scout video promoting the KS.

The End: August 4-7

Things will heat up for the last 3 days of our campaign. It is super important that time is running out to be a part of the campaign.

The Message:

“Only X days left.”
“Only X hours left to support the Steam Crow Scouts Kickstarter”
“I pledged on the Crow Scouts Kickstarter, have you?”

– or say something else about the Scouts

We need to finish strong!


  • Make sure that EVERY POST links to our Kickstarter page. (Otherwise, they won’t be able to find it.)
  • Make sure that you HASH TAG IT #steamcrow and #steamcrowscouts
  • Post at least 3 times within the Beginning, Middle and End dates. (At least 9 times total; more is even better.)
  • Repost/SHARE our official Kickstarter posts. (You don’t have to do them all.)
  • Use images! (Either from the Kickstarter page or here, and/or use photos of your Satchel, Badges, or Uniform.)
  • Documentation: Please save screenshots and/or links so we can see your effectiveness. If you use the hashtags, we’ll KNOW what you’re doing as you do it. If you can’t document it, we can’t give you your patch.
  • Bonus: Write a short blog post or video about the Crow Scouts and our Kickstarter, either on your blog, Facebook, forum, or other place that will be seen.

Note: It is not a requirement to actually PLEDGE for our Kickstarter, though it appreciated.


Please keep in mind that we need your help to be effective; please don’t do the least amount possible to earn a free badge.

We probably won’t reward anyone who opens new Twitter/Instagram/GooglePlus accounts just to fill out the numbers to meet the minimum requirements; we’re looking for effectiveness… we need your power to succeed!

Promotional Graphics

Here are some images to use with your posts!


Use this as your Avatar on Facebook/Twitter or anywhere else. You can also use the larger size as a promotional post image.


Let’s Make Magic


Scout Salute

Support and share today

Believe in Monsters, Yesterday!

Believe in monsters, yesterday

Get Scary, Believe in Monsters

Get Scary Believe in Monsters

Make sure that you put the url in your post, to make it easy to follow. Use the #shoutscout #steamcrowscouts #steamcrow hashtags too.


Folks who meet all of the requirements (see above) will receive this exclusive SHOUT SCOUT ’15 cloth badge for free by mail:

Shout it out!

Note: SHOUT SCOUT badges will not be sent out until November at the earliest; they will be produced as part of this Kickstarter too.

Report your success here! (Sorry, this badge is retired and this mission has ended!)


What if we make our goal, early?

No worries, keep on promoting. Kickstarters don’t end once you meet the initial funding goal… that’s just the minimum required to get this project off of the ground. The further we go, the more badges and cards are offered in the Stretch Goal Package.