Challenge: Write a Story About a Monster Scout

The Monster Scouts have a long history of believing, studying, and protecting our monster friends. (And heck, 33% of Monster Scouts ARE monsters!)

Write about a Scout’s adventure, monster friend, history, achievements, journal, or tale… and earn a free badge!

Avoid documenting the entire history of Baron Davis, though he can certainly appear in your story. (Remember, he disappears in October of 1917.)


  • 1000-5000 words (And yeah, if you need more, you can make it longer.)
  • Most Scout adventures occurred between 1903 and 1920; set your story in this era, if possible.
  • Share it with our community for free (You retain the copyright for your work.)
  • Must not contain trademarks of other companies. (No “Coke”.)

Share It

Share your story with our community!

The Reason

Help us enrich the world of the Monster Scouts by documenting Scouts from history. Feel free to use the Glossary, the Founding Story, the Six Founders, Baron Davis, and information from this site.


  • BARON’S BEARD! Use spellcheck.
  • Have a friend read your story first, before submitting it.
  • Try to include some of the trappings of the Monster Scouts; our culture, uniforms, gear, history, vocabulary, Badges, Credo.
  • Make it entertaining to read.
  • Remember that this is the era of PULP ADVENTURE!
  • Longer isn’t necessarily better; keep it short.
  • Use minimal formatting so that it can easily be pasted into our Forum and Facebook pages.
  • Don’t impact the overall Monster Scout history; ie, don’t change our history, talk about how Baron Davis fought in WWII (he didn’t),

Story Ideas

You could write about…

  • A specific Troop’s adventures/journeys
  • A specific monster, and how she was assisted by a Monster Scout
  • The feats and failures of a Monster Scout that you make up, in the form of journal entries
  • A Monster Scout unit fighting the Axis in WWI, and what they encountered. (The Unliving armies of the Axis!)
  • Conflicts between the Monsterologists and a specific Monster Scout or Troop.
  • A Monster Medic and her challenges in Medical School. (Since she’s a monster.)
  • A terrible gig from the famous Monster Scout Marching Band, ELF MOTH!

Be specific rather than general (documenting the entire history of the Monster Scouts – this Mission isn’t about that).


Once you’ve written and shared your story, submit it to receive your Story Scout Badge:

Scout Story badge

Report your success here!