Challenge: Make Scout Art

We need you to celebrate your creativity by making a piece of Monster Scout art, and sharing it with our community!


  • It can be in any visual medium; a painting, drawing, hand-made plushy, montage, sculpture, photo manipulation, etc.
  • No copyright infringement! (This has to be YOUR art that YOU made.) If you use photographs, utilize public domain photos or photos that you take.
  • Please don’t mash-up other characters from other universes. (No Star Wars, Deadpool Scout, etc.) Keep it Monsters and Scouts!

Share It

Share your story with our community!

The Reason

Monster Scouts needs evidence that the Monster world (Monstru) and Earth overlap!

A great piece of art might even be a way for folks to discover the Monster Scouts!


Here’s Scout GraphicDreams fantastic submission


  • Show a Monster with a Scout.
  • Show a Monster Scout on an adventure.
  • Make your own promotional poster for the Scouts.
  • Remember that we’re an “Antique Universe” so retro, vintage, or old-timey approaches are especially prized.

Art Ideas

You could create…

  • Something based on one of the STORY SCOUT stories.
  • A particular BRANCH of Monster Scout: Core Scouts, Monster Medics, the Rangers, the Scare Force, the Conjure Guard, the Doom Mimes, or the Sea Scouts, etc.
  • Your favorite monster.
  • Marching in the Calamity Parade.
  • The SHINDIG Campout
  • Or anything else that celebrates our Order!


Once you’ve drawn and shared your story, submit it to receive your Scout Art Badge:

Scout Art Badge

Report your success here!