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Candy Corn of Doom Badge

A badge for scouts who know that Halloween is the best holiday of all.

GeoCache Finder Badge

This virtual Spirit Badge was found in a GeoCache, somewhere in the wilds.

Scout Art Badge

A badge that shows that you made a piece of visual arts to share with the Monster Scouts.

See the Truth Badge

The “See the Truth” Spirit badge is all about the Monster Conspiracy; why do folks continue to cover-up that monsters are real and among us?!

Gamer Badge

This Spirit Badge is for our Monster Scout Gamers to show their colors!

Scout Song Badge

The Scout Song badge is for Scouts who write and share a song about the Monster Scouts.

Shutter Bug Badge

The Shutter Bug Badge is for Scouts who have taken up the new fangled-hobby of photography.

Disguise Badge

Sometimes Scouts have to blend into the world of the Normies, and this Disguise Spirit Badge is where it’s at.

Vegi Scout Badge

The Vegi Scout Badge is for Scouts who eat of the plants.

Baker Badge

The Baker badge is for folks who like baked goods.

Cloud Spirit Badge

The Cloud Badge is for all Scouts who look to the sky, and see something more.

Scout Story Badge

The Scout Story Spirit Badge is for Monster Scouts who write and share the Scout Story Mission. It is a physical badge, and is never for sale.

Fate Spirit Badge

Fate is in Your Hand badge is a reminder to steer your own life. This virtual badge only comes with the Fate T-shirt (online orders only.)

Stay Odd Badge

Stay Odd celebrates the Misfits that are you, me, and Steam Crow. This virtual badge only comes with the Stay Odd t-shirt (online orders only.)

Skeleton Key and Lock Badge

Skeleton Key & Lock badge is all about the secret hidden behind that dusty old door! This virtual badge only comes with the Skeleton Key t-shirt (online orders only.)

Creature Petes Badge

Creature Pete’s Pool Care badge is for those swampy creatures who love to swim! This virtual badge only comes with the Creature Pete’s t-shirt (online orders only.)

Coffin Coffee Badge

The Coffin Coffee Virtual Badge celebrates the dark brew of the Nosferatu: COFFEE! This virtual badge only comes with the Coffin Coffee shirt (online orders only.)

Abra Cadavera Badge

The Abra Cadavera Virtual Badge celebrates magic, chalk circles, and the tools of the trade. This is a virtual badge only, that comes with online orders of the Abra Cadavera Shirt.

Stache Master Badge

The Stache Master Spirit Badge celebrates the lip broom.

Labor Spirit Badge

The Labor Spirit badge is for Monster Scouts who know the value of hard work.

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