The Conjure Guard our the mystic protectors of our order, and have been since the beginning. They focus on “Witch Stitches”, a systematic warding system – utilizing thread and needle – that draws upon the power of nature, intent, and our connection to one another.


  • “The Guard”
  • “BlackHats”

Most Conjure Guard

  • Know that we are deeply linked with one another – like thread
  • Can understand the language of trees
  • Keep detailed Stitch Witch handbooks
  • Have an affinity for black bats and cats
  • Enjoy the mysteries of life

Some Conjure Guard

  • Are excellent cooks
  • Live alone in the forest in cute little shacks
  • Know that monsters
  • Live in threes in cozy yurts
  • Know that our enemy (Monsterologists) employ Warlocks of their own


  • Uniform Shirt
  • A warlock/witch hat (your choice)
  • A capelet or mantle (Brown: Basic. Orange: Adept. Purple: Regent.)
  • A bag of cantrip components
  • A familiar
  • Long gloves
  • A small box of crystalized Aethir


The current Regent is Mr. Devlin Archer Hawthorne III.


The Conjure Guard was begun by Lady Druusa Gale, a Witch of unreasonable power who all agree wielded it with thought, care, and love.

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