Secret Scouts operate in the modern world, subtly showing off their Monster Scouts identities, for those in the know.

They might be a Secret Scout at their job, at school, on the bus, or anywhere else that makes sense. They operate in most cities, including Queensland, Australia.

Most Secret Scouts

  • Are proud of their Scoutness, enough to want to wear some of our trappings in everyday life
  • Will pass on a recruitment card, for any that ask about our Order
  • Are really secret agents of the Monster Scouts, helping us grow

Some Secret Scouts

  • Tuck Missions into their satchel in case they come in handy
  • Aren’t comfortable wearing full uniforms, but like to go “casual”
  • Sew Witch Stiches into their sleeves or pant cuffs


  • Regular clothes
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Steam Crow or Scout t-shirt
  • A satchel with badges
  • Some subtle display of orange – socks?