The following documents were smuggled from Monstru in an audio-recorded book called “The Monster Codex Monstru”. We do not yet fully understand this full text, but we have a number of scholars working on the problem, full-time.


Monsters leak through from Monstru, from time to time. We’re not entirely sure how or why it happens, but it happens and has occurred for as long as Manlings have walked the Earth. If course, one must know how to “Imagine8” to see them.

All Monster races fall into one of these three categories:

Monster – Bestial creatures with horns, teeth, and day jobs. There are many different kinds of Monsters, from Furnace Goblins to Wage Daemons, and they are the most common type of creature in MONSTRU.

Automat – Machine based life forms; clockworks or steampunks. Short for “automaton,” most Automat were created long ago for the benefit of the Monsters.

Bloodless – Ghosts, rotters, and other forms of unlife that still dwell on the outskirts of MONSTRU society. They may be dead, but they still have work to do.

Monster Races:

  • Boggra – Lagoon creatures who have been forced to move from the swamp into Monstru’s vast sewer system. They are knowledgeable of the dark, damp places.
  • Crone – Wicked monster women who are skilled in majik, and the eating of bones. Baba Jaga is a Crone.
  • Daemon – Red skinned beasts once summoned from damnation itself. But now they can’t seem to find a way back. Beastio is a Daemon, as is Toni Oni.
  • Furnace goblins – Inside of every steam-car, and behind every empire, there are hard working slave-goblins doing hard labor for the comfort of others. Sometimes they escape. Horst and Grist are goblins.
  • Kelpie – Ill-fated horses that at first appear to be beautiful and gentle, but after mounted, turn into green, swamp diving beasts.
  • Krampus – Hairy, horned, and bestial, Krampus are some of the most common folk of Monstru. They can fight, drive, and steal, and are fairly adaptable. They used to steal bad children.
  • Peerless – Unique creatures that have no “race” to call their own; they are truly alone in this world. KlawBerry is an example of a Peerless.
  • Patchwork Wonder – You are a creature of many parts, sewn together with string and wire, and brought to life through the wonders of electromajik! You may contain parts of Trolla, Goblin, Automat or even Bloodless.
  • Skinwalker – Former Monstonia spies, these wolf men have the ability to shift into a Manling whenever they overwork their brain.
  • Trolla – Once feared mountain dwellers, Trollas rove in caravans, most often selling worthless junk. They’re tough scrappers, though.

Automat Races:

  • Halloween Golem – Mechanical men built to bring order to wilderness by cutting down trees, and tending farms. Now obsolete, they do odd-jobs to pay the bills. Kip Cupwhistle is one.
  • Vendomat – Most Halloween Golems were converted into these portable vending machines 2 centuries ago. Don’t laugh, they are equipment fiends.
  • CrowBot – The huge mecha crows used as soldiers of terror for the Authority. While, another form of Automat, they are not a playable race. (Too dang big.)
  • Mechan – For a time it was fashionable to have a clockwork servant created in the likeness of the mythical “Manlings,” often grafting their bones to metal. Today, they haunt old bookstores or junkyards. Chadworth Machine is a Mechan.
  • Clockwork – Housed inside their rich, oak cases, the Clockwork appear much like a grandfather clock. Inside, an array of powerful gear driven difference engines stroke the amazing intellect of these sentient beings. Clockworks are rare and generally controlled by the AUTHORITY.

Automat have a difficult time manipulating Majik, than the other races. They have a maximum of “Good” for any Majik based skill.

Bloodless Races:

  • Haunt – After the Pathos bomb fell on Worch and wiped out the Manlings, all that is left are these radioactive apparitions. Hey, they’re still dangerous.
  • Rotter – While most of them simply wander about the edges of Skullopolis, some decide to partake a life of adventure. Others raid the Clown Bite dumpsters. Which is it?
  • Feratu – Blood suckers with a knack for selling used vehicles. Above all, they know how to make a profit. Often seen as second-class citizens.
  • Embalma – Ancient manlings that were exposed to a forbidden chemical reaction, the Embalma wear layers of bandages to protect their skin from the elements. Although they’re dead, they enjoy chewing fresh monster-flesh.



An ancient race from the lost swamps of Charrow, the Boggra look like very large, green scaled creatures, with head-fans, webbed fingers, and big teeth. They typically wear no clothes, as the males and females are identical to non-Boggra.

Once the swamps were drained and the mighty Mega-cities arose, the Boggra moved into the vast network of Authority sewer systems. Here, they thrived, and became experts at raking the muck, finding the things that other monsters wished to hide, and sewer farming.

An open society, they welcome those who wish not to be found, and who can stand the stench of their village-lairs.

Boggra are more susceptible to moisture loss than the other races. Each day that the Boggra doesn’t have liquids to drink, she’ll take one point of damage. As long as the Boggra has an ample supply of liquid to drink, she will stay healthy, happy, and moist.

Diet: Swamp meat
Lifespan: 120 years
Size: 7-9 feet tall
Racial Skills: UnderDeep Lore (Mind), Swimming
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit), Swim (Fair)
Racial Gift: Road Kill Belly
Racial Fault: Moist

All Boggra:
  • Have no sense of smell; they cannot take any smell-based skills (Smell, Track Scent, etc.)
  • Can hold their breath for an hour at a time.
Most Boggra:
  • Are excellent swimmers
  • Enjoy collecting junk, old rumors, and stories of the surface regions.
  • Are very familiar with the UnderDeep, and have been there.
  • Enjoy being behind the wheel of a Rig. (A rare treat!)
  • Are hunted for their skin; CrowBot Politico enjoy Boggra skin briefcases, and for a decade Boggra-hide covered dashboards were all the rage.
Some Boggra:
  • Disdain the filth of their race, and seek a cleaner, more fashionable existence.
  • Are bestial by nature and enjoy eating Monsters more than trash.
  • Take a long time to forge friendships, but when they do, they last for ages.
Famous Boggra:

Ripper Gallant – A Mobster Boss who controlled trade in illicit goods though the Authority sewer systems. He was hanged recently in a live radio-cast.


Manufactured minds, ClockWorks are powerful difference engines with intellect. They look most like tall grandfather clocks, with oak cabinets, metallic clock-faces, and a variety of pipes and cords added on to them. Physically awkward, they shamble about on their small wheels and manipulate the world with their delicate weight chains.

ClockWorks are considered to be the most intelligent “creatures” in all of Monstru. They were made to calculate battle plans, interpret data, and manage traffic lights. One of their most valuable skills is their ability to read data spools; turnip shaped mechanisms filled with tiny glass beads and miniscule gears that house mountains of information. (Each data spool is dedicated to one very specific type of information – like an encyclopedia volume.)

Initially created by inventor Mig Nola, the ClockWorks have been enslaved by the Authority to do their calculations and bidding. Most are kept in the hallowed basements of the Department of Celebration, where they attempt to determine crimes against the Authority before they are committed. With the demise of Mig Nola, the secret knowledge of how the ClockWorks were created has been lost.

Diet: Daily winding. (By someone else.)
Lifespan: Up to 1000 years, with regular maintenance.
Size: 7-9 feet tall.
Racial Skill: Read Data Spool (Mind)
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: X
Racial Fault: Fragile

Most ClockWorks:
  • Are self-winding
  • Are very intelligent
  • Have an interest in one particular scholastic subject (Maps, traffic patterns, weather, history, medicine, Census, etc.)
  • Are licenced and controlled by the Authority
  • Are fiercely logical and loyal to the State
  • Have never been outside or seen the sky
  • Are painfully slow
  • Lack common sense
  • Require constant maintenance and calibration
  • Have little empathy
  • Don’t support the idea of Majik
  • Dislike rain (especially acid rain)
Some ClockWorks:
  • Escape from their masters
  • Go crazy because they’ve not been calibrated in recent memory
  • Are free thinkers
  • Have an interest in non-Mechan affairs
Famed ClockWorks

Mechardo – the gambler. Most brilliant player of spinjak, Merchardo is said to have bankrupt seven different casinos in one year.
Mister Gawson – the cypher. Able to break the encryption on any data spool within one day. Currently malfunctioning in some lost junkyard.


These witches are often seen in Monstru, traveling in groups of 13 (Covens), chewing bones, scribing hexes, and casting Jinx. They most often appear as hunched women with greenish skin, bent noses, keen teeth, and long claws. However, some are quite fetching in their younger years, entrapping the hearts of many a male Krampus, trolla, and beast.

There are no male Crones; it is said that they ate the last one centuries ago, for his sweet marrow. When a Coven loses a member, they reproduce by stealing the heart of a man (through both love and tearing out his actual heart) and burying it in a pine coffin. The group casts the Cronis Jinx, and in one year a Crone toddler will dig her way out to join her Coven.

Diet: Bones, flesh, and marrow soup.
Lifespan: 800 years
Size: 4-6 hunched feet
Racial Skill: Crone’s Kiss (Jinx)
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: Majikborne
Racial Fault: Disgusting Habit

Most Crone:
  • Are terrorized by the Authority
  • Live in groups of 13 called a “Coven.”
  • Are quite happy to use Majik
  • Live happily in filthy conditions
  • Don’t get along with folks outside of their Coven
Some Crone:
  • Live as urban hermits
  • Make a living as a Bounty Witch
  • Are very formidable claw-fighters
  • Have green hair and live in bogs
  • Join a Crew and give up Coven-life
Famed Crone:

Baba Jaga, Bounty Witch


Summoned from the fires of damnation, the Daemon are a race that are stuck in MONSTRU, with no way back to their homeland. Fragments of historical records indicate that “a dozen upon a dozen daemon” were summoned by the Monstonian Sorcerer Hib, in an effort to create a brigade that would defeat Barondook in the Mighty War. In the end, the Daemon were difficult to command and only a few fought in the war. The rest scattered, ill-equipped to live in this new world.

Daemon are generally red or green, with leathery skin, big striped horns, toothy jaw, and hooves. They have no tails, and they generally stand between 4 and 7 feet tall and are quite heavy for their size. They enjoy drinking honey, eating salt, and they require water just like everyone else. All Daemon have the gift of Fire Resistance.

Oddly, being born of Majik, the Daemon seem to have little ability to become warlocks themselves. They themselves can be summoned and sometimes manipulated by Majik, but they are unable to bend it to their will.

Diet: Honey, stew, gravy, eggs, junkfood, souls, and candycorn.
Lifespan: Unknown, but likely thousands of years old. They just don’t seem to age.
Size: 4 to 7 feet tall.
Racial Skill: Create Fire (Spirit)
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: Fire Resistance
Racial Fault: Majik Deficient

Most Daemon:
  • Are rarely found in MONSTRU
  • Have horns
  • Value Independence
  • Age very, very slowly
  • Are maladjusted loners
  • Don’t fully understand how much of MONSTRU works
  • Have hooves
  • Are invulnerable to fire
  • Are poor swimmers
  • Consider themselves visitors
  • Love drinking honey
  • Dislike Feratu, mostly because their blood is a delicacy to them.
  • Enjoy eating sweets, once per day
  • Require air, water, salt
  • Sleep once per decade (for several years)
Some Daemon:
  • Like living in MONSTRU
  • Succeed with a Crew
  • Wear clothes of some sort
  • Resent being summoned
  • Would rather fight than talk
  • Love wealth more than life itself
Famed Daemon:

Mig Nola – Inventor. Though he recently passed away, Nola is the mind behind most of the inventions and steampower of the modern era. He’s like Einstein, Tesla, and Edison all rolled together.


These dead-heads are easily recognized due to their skeletal forms, covered in old, rotting bandages. The were created quite by accident, by Monstonian Scientist Dr. Gilliam Pathos. Dr. Pathos was looking for a way to take defeated Barondook soldiers and reanimate them for battle. His experiment went awry and he raised the entire military cemetery as Embalma!

Unfortunately they were not terribly eager to battle once again, and they shambled to the four winds.

The AUTHORITY has made use of them to work long shifts in the State Factories, churning out bombs, CrowBots, and other engines of war. While many tend to become tangled in the machinery, they are quickly replaced by hordes of other Embalma, looking for work. The Embalma accept this position since they have little love for the Monsters that they once fought against.

Diet: Flesh
Lifespan: Until destroyed. They’re usually quite old to begin with.
Size: 5-6 feet tall.
Racial Skill: Wrapogami (Spirit)
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: ?
Racial Fault: Antique

Most Embalma:
  • Are ashamed of how they look, and hide behind their bandages
  • Have old fashioned values
  • Are aggressive, and don’t mind pushing monsters around
  • Are strong for their size
  • Are Barondook patriots
  • Have little love for Monsters
  • Require very little rest
  • Are hard workers
  • Smell like turpentine and mineral spirits
  • Are not very flammable
Some Embalma:
  • Feel that Monster society owes them.
  • Would like to forget that they were a soldier.
  • Are lonely and just like to tell stories of the war.
  • Feel that showing their face under their robes is a sign of affection or respect.
Famed Embalma

Mikael Saxon – Saxon is one of the popular radio personalities for Authority Radio One. His deep basso voice soothes the masses as he reports on the War with CREATU, the daily bomb production stats, and the ever increasing chocolate rations. He’s been at it for over 70 years.


The Feratu are said to have been the companions of monsterkind since the beginning, feeding off of their blood and fluids of the living. Contrary to popular belief, Feratu bites do not turn one into a Feratu. Full blood draining results in death, but not Bloodlessness.

Feratu cannot feed upon other Bloodless or any of the Automat races. They require 1 quart of blood per week to survive, or 1 vial of poison per day. If they do not receive sustenance to meet their needs after 1 week, they will shrivel up and go into a comatose state called “Raveel”. In Raveel, the Feratu is unable to respond to any external stimuli, and for all practical purposes, they are dead. However, even after centuries of Raveel, a Feratu can be restored back to life by submerging it in a tub of fresh blood for 10 hours. It should be noted that Raveel really hurts, and is a state that is avoided by most Feratu.

Physically, Feratu stand about 7 feet tall, are very slender, and have humanoid heads with wide ears and blood red eyes. They have large hands, with very dangerous claws which can be effectively used in battle. “A handful of knives,” describes them well. The mouths of the Feratu contain many small, sharp teeth, as well as 2 very large fangs used to drain blood.
The Feratu operate as one of the lowest social classes in Monstru. This Social Stigma most likely arose from the Feratu diet of monster blood, making them fairly unpopular with other flesh and blood creatures. The AUTHORITY has taken a less kindly view of the Feratu, since they are typically very bright, and most remember the time before the AUTHORITY took over.

Feratu do no mate or replicate like other creatures, nor do they age. New Feratu are sometimes discovered in small catacombs in the Underdeep, or are excavated in the foundations of new construction. These souls are most often recovered by more of their kind, who aid in the restoration from the Raveel state. Player Character Feratu can either be newly Unearthed, or a long-time Awakened One.

Being albino and Bloodless, the Feratu hate the sunlight and all have the Fault of Dayblight.

Diet: The lifeblood of mortal creatures.
Lifespan: Until destroyed. Most are quite ancient.
Size: 7-8 feet tall.
Racial Skills: Feratu Politics Knowledge (Mind), Feratu Fast Talk (Spirit), Bite (Body)
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: Ageless
Racial Faults: Dayblight, Racial Stigma

Most Feratu:
  • Are considered vermin or second-class citizens by both the general population and the Authority
  • Live in the dank city of Skullopolis
  • Are completely albino and look pretty much the same to non-Feratu
  • Live for centuries
  • Are excellent merchants
  • Like the taste of wine, but not whiskey
  • Remember what times were like before the Authority
  • Sell used junk on the edges of culture
  • Often fight over which Feratu is in charge of all the others, as princess or president.
  • Make good businessmen
  • Prey on living, drinking their fluids for health (goblin, Troll, Daemon, Krampus, Peerless)
  • Drink bottled poisons when blood isn’t available (Blood doesn’t bottle so well)
  • Can use both their teeth and claws as dangerous weapons
  • Like to wear fancy business suits
Some Feratu:
  • Befriend the living
  • Manage to get their Driver’s License
  • Are filthy rich
  • Are feral creatures, incapable of doing much more than drinking life
  • Like working in teams
Famed Feratu:

Sheets – the serial killer. Is thought to have murdered over 200 Trolla. Last seen outside of a Trolla truck stop just outside of Glimmer.
Max “Maximum Discount” Morlok – used steamcar salesmen. 7th richest monster in Monstru, owns over 50 car lots. Wheeler dealer extraordinaire.

Furnace goblins

Goblins are a race of diminutive folk who tend to the coal fired machinery of this modern age. They are non-citizens, so much so that their name isn’t worth of capitalization. Being a slave-race, they are rarely acknowledged or even talked about. Folks just don’t think about them. All goblins, even those that have never worked in an engine room, are known as “Furnace goblins.”

There are six kinds of goblins in Monstru, and none of them seem to find any form of respect by monster or beast.

Generally, most folks are completely unaware that the goblins even exist. (Some say that they don’t even deserve a capital “G”, let alone a write-up in the annuals of history.)

  • Furnace goblins – Bred for their intellect and fear of larger creatures, the furnace goblin occupies the mechanical gearboxes and furnaces of 500 million monster motorcars. Surely, the most common goblin breed by any count, they are a hard-working folk.
  • Postal goblins – Chosen for their intelligence and direction sense, these goblins are trusted to deliver MONSTRU’s mail and packages. Some are even utilized by the Spy Scouts to watch for CREATU saboteurs and other UnPatriots.
  • Sewer gobs – Stinky, white-skinned goblins that repair and maintain the vast under-Monstru sewer system. They have a great understanding of the Underdeep, and those that escape the Authority often work as lantern bearers and guides for deep walkers.
  • Sixers – The Authority relies on a undocumented (huge) number of goblins for the nation’s infrastructure. They are utilized by the Ministry Six, which is responsible for all manner of  communications and data aggregation. Sixer goblins act as operators of technical communication systems, and are typically put to death after 6 years of service.
  • Rakers – The Rakers are used on the battlefront between Monstru and Creatu, raking the ground in search for mines. Sometimes Sixers become Rakers.
  • Red goblins – the only goblin race that hasn’t been tamed or bound into slavery, the red goblins are crafty, dangerous, and luckily, few in numbers. They are known cannibals (of furnace goblins) and are famous for their unlegal and secret Red Goblin Circus.

Diet: Jolly Beans nutritional pellets, candy, jerky, soup, beans and rice.
Lifespan: About 200 years, normally.
Size: Most stand about 3 feet tall. Goblins have a -2 Scale.
Racial Skill: Speak Gombit (Spirit)
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: ?
Racial Fault: -2 Scale

Most goblins:
  • Are property
  • Are considered engine accessories
  • Eat commercial food pellets
  • Have an innate ability to repair steamcars
  • Wear metal slave collars
  • Never see the light of day
  • Die of black-lung at a young age
  • Think that goblins deserve their wide-spread slave-hood
  • Shovel coal and maintain engines
Some goblins:
  • Escape from their life as slaves
  • Join the Red Goblin Circus
  • Live as roadside bandits
  • Want something more from life
  • Are clever little devils
Famed goblins:

Gilik the White – Albino thief. Gilik is believed to be so skilled that he can steal an engine from a running steamcar without anyone noticing.
Whiskey – drunkard. Whiskey is famous (among goblins) for his ability to drink an immense volume of Muzz… and still survive.

Halloween Golem

Halloween Golems were created about 900 years ago to clear the wilderness that once covered Monstru, allowing a new Golden Age of prosperity to arrive. They chopped down the forests, leveled hills, and assisted farmers in cultivating the land. Within 300 years they were no longer needed, and most were scrapped for parts or converted into Vend-o-mats.

They appear as cylindrical metal men, with large pumpkin heads (to scare away bats) and powerful iron hands. Halloween Golems are usually exceptionally strong, since they were made for endless labor. In many ways, they were made to be glorified tractors for the first settlers of Monstru.

Because of the tragic “Flesh Forest” episode, where a town was slaughtered by eight malfunctioning Halloween Golems, they are less trusted by most folks and none occupy any positions of power in the Authority. Today, these odd Mechans are seldom seen.

Initially they were called “Harvest Golems”, but the name slipped to “Halloween Golems” after the accident.

Diet: Daily wood chips (or charcoal) for their boiler.
Lifespan: Up to 500 years, with regular maintenance. The first ones were well-built.
Size: 5-7 feet tall.
Racial Skill: Sanity Hinge (Mind)
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: Hard Labor
Racial Fault: ?

Most Halloween Golems
  • Have been fitted with a “Sanity Hinge” that prevents violence
  • Favor axes
  • Are not terribly bright
  • Have been converted into Vend-o-mats
  • Are physically powerful
  • Know how to pull a plow, repair a fence, or harvest a field
  • Have little knowledge of current affairs and are stuck in the past
  • Like clean fields more than swamps
Some Halloween Golems
  • Are sane and reasonable
  • Resent their low social strata
  • Wander Monstru as hobos
  • Have an acetone addiction
Famous Halloween Golems:

Number 8 – “The missing.” The first 8 Halloween Golems were ordered to be destroyed (because of the Flesh Forest) but Number 8 somehow escaped. He was never fitted with a sanity hinge, and is said to be a roving killer of Daemons.

Chugg – the mechanic. Chugg is really good at repairing very old, simple machines. (None of this modern junk.) This old wizard has an antique tool set that rivals any collection. Said to live somewhere in Hinge Province.


The Haunts are semi-corporal creatures caught somewhere between the last world, Monstru, and the next. Most were created in the cataclysmic and unnatural explosion of the Pathos Bomb, during the Mighty War (1200 odd years ago).

They appear as large, billowy creatures, with gaping mouths, tiny wings, and sad eyes. They can have hands when they need to, which can also become dangerous claws. Most are white, though some very old ones are grey. They tend to grow slightly over the centuries, so that the eldest ones are the largest.

The great majority of Haunts are unsane and fairly satisfied pestering Proles, or floating inside of clouds. Most are able to affect the physical world through effort, not unlike how normal folk lift, carry, or break things.

Diet: Screams and scares.
Lifespan: Until dispelled.
Size: 3-8 feet tall, depending on the race the Haunt was before it died.
Racial Skill:
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: Haunter
Racial Fault: Insubstancial

Most Haunts:
  • Are little interested in the workings of the current world.
  • Hate steampunk technology.
  • Think that Monstru was better a long time ago.
  • Don’t understand the Authority, or know what it is.
  • Have old fashioned belief systems.
  • Speak an ancient dialect of the Barondook language.
  • Used to be manlings.
  • Hate the Automats; they remind them of war machines.
  • Are lonely.
Some Haunts:
  • Get along with the living.
  • Are still quite sane.
  • Remember much of the old world.
  • Are made to be slaves in Skytrooper’s dirigibles.
  • Wish that they’d fully die.
  • Are still able to make friends.
  • Have something left to prove.


The Kelpie


Born of the hills of Trusk Province, the Krampus are a free wheeling Fey race that celebrates emotion over logic, and they’ve been paying for it ever since they were discovered. Krampus are quick to laugh, fast to rage, and believe that they key to happiness is celebration.

Standing about as tall as a manling, Krampus are covered in black shaggy fur and their heads are topped with a pair of powerful goat horns.

Diet: Apple Cider, festival food, laughter, dancing
Lifespan: Up to 333 years
Size: 5-6 feet tall
Racial Skills: (Pick one) Kramptelling,  Nightvision, Lick Your Wounds
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: Terrifying
Racial Fault:

Most Krampus
  • Love festivals, parties and celebration
  • Would rather dance and drink than work a steady job
  • Take pride in telling stories or singing songs
  • Think that gambling is a personal right
  • Love Trusk Province so much that they never leave
  • Are considered “savages” by the Authority
  • Feel that laws are merely annoying suggestions
  • Do not enjoy spending time in the UnderDeep
  • Eat fruitcake and drink cider
  • Wear the color red
Some Krampus
  • Are able to hold down regular work
  • Celebrate some obscure holiday most every day
  • Refuse to wear proper clothing
  • Enjoy the company of diverse races other than Krampus


“Mechan were invented by Lincolnstein in a fever-dream, because he’s that kind of a genius.”

Mig Nola really invented the Mechan about 900 years ago, when he accidentally created Chadworth Machine in his tinkering. Chadworth was shown to the world at the Monstonia Steam Science Fair and soon after, Mechans were put into factory production due to public demand.

They were designed to make a monster’s life easier, primarily as butlers and servants. At this time Monstonia had an open-dialog with diplomats from other countries, and so the Mechan were programmed to speak every known language of the Age.

Eventually, as their monster-masters died the Mechan became free, and when the AUTHORITY took over, they allowed them full-citizen status. (Due in no small part to their similar mechanical natures.)

Mechan were built to reflect the Manling form (to remind the monsters of their victory over Barondook), and the Nola Company factory churned them out for almost 300 years before halting production. (Poor sales.)

Dirk Circus is a classic Mechan, and his iconic head design (“Buddy Butler”) accounts for about ½ of the Mechans out there.

Diet: Hydraulic Tea
Lifespan: Around 250 years before they fall apart.
Size: 4-7 feet tall.
Racial Skill: Language Processor (Mind)
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: ?
Racial Fault: ?

All Mechan:
  • Are powered by a haunted GhostSkull. (Though most of the skulls are hidden beneath a metallic humanoid face.)
  • Share some operational technology with CrowBots.
Most Mechan:
  • Have fallen apart since they were first created.
  • Are respected a bit more than Monsters by the Authority.
  • Are able to do one task well. (Usually cleaning)
  • Spend less time thinking, and more time doing.
  • Have a personality unique from their GhostSkull.
  • Make regular trips to the junkyard to find replacement parts.
Some Mechan:
  • Are overwhelmed by their GhostSkulls, and act as an unsane/haunted being.
  • Believe that they’re better than Monsters. (Mechaniacs)
  • Have bull heads and are made for menial labor (Minot model variation)
  • Are best friends with beasts
  • Work for the Authority as mechanics, drivers, assistants, and slave-minders.
  • Are as tough as nails
Famous Mechan:

Dirk Circus

Patchwork Wonder

Patchworks are oddities of the new art of Electromajik, combining the “best” of Science and Majik to create and animate new “thing-life”. Patchworks can be made of of flesh and blood parts, Automat pieces, as well as inanimate objects. One could have hand carved wooden arms and legs, the torso of a zombie, and a metal skull for a head. Others might be entirely created out of carved pine or stitched flesh.
Invented by Teslan the Keen, they were intended to be simple puppets to amuse Abraham Lincolnstein, but soon they were harnessed to be laborers and servants. A few have even managed to create lives of freedom for themselves, though this is still a novelty.

Because of their newness, and their relatively short lifespans, Patchworks seek to get the most out of life as possible. They look at every day as an opportunity to experience something exciting, new, or even dangerous.

Diet: Daily electromajik shocks.

Lifespan: 10-12 years, normally though regular maintenance could extend life much longer.
Size: 4-8 feet tall.
Racial Skill:  Patch-up (Mind)
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: ?
Racial Fault: Pyrophobic

Most Patchworks:
  • Were made for some specific task, such as Butlery, mining, or street sweeping
  • Have a rather shallow understanding of culture, being a race that is less than a decade old
  • Are socially inexperienced, much like children
  • Are registered with the Authority, and require a permit to exist
  • Have some innate fault to their being or construction; few are perfect
  • Are held together with wires, string, chain and Majik
  • Admire Teslan the Keen, and revere him as the greatest figure in all of Monstru
  • Can see in black and white only
  • Are ill-trusted by the Automats
  • Live less than a decade before they fall apart
Some Patchworks
  • Just want to fit in
  • Are very interested in the cultures of the other monsters
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Feel like foreigners in this world
  • Can consume food and drink, but yet taste nothing
  • Hate fire more than anything else
  • Have confidence and know what they want from life
Famous Patchwork Wonders:

Kellogg Threadbosh – This artist (PROPERTY OF THE AUTHORITY) is well-known for his amazing hand-sewn tapestries depicting the “Birth of Lincolnstein” and the “Rise of the Authority.” He is a national treasure and can be seen (on display) working on his next piece in Lincoln City.


Peerless are the most unique and individual “creatures” in all of Monstru. They are “without peer” and are not members of any known race or creed. They are, by definition, totally unique and individual – and exceedingly rare.

Because of their uniqueness, the circumstances of their creation is dependant on the individual Peerless. KlawBerry was born of the sea. Chadworth Machine was harvested as a ghost-skull from a battlefield and then forged into a mechanical man. Your character might be a treeman that was struck by lightening, a little monster boy born in a firestorm, or a mutated swampman discovered in one of the vast sewers of Monstru.

Peerless are not an opportunity to create a “super character”; rather they allow Players and GMs a chance to be creative. A Peerless character may be played with the approval of the GM.

Diet: Varies.
Lifespan: Varies.
Size: Varies.
Racial Skill:  Varies
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: Based on form
Racial Fault: Based on form


Not even the oldest of the Skinwalkers know the origin of their shape-changing race. Some suspect an infernal pack with the a greater daemon, while others whisper that one wolf man was bitten by a savage Manling after the Great Rift opened.
Skinwalkers are exceedingly rare and keep to themselves. The Authority does their best to discredit and in some cases hunt the Skinwalkers, as they are one of the few races that remember the time before the Authority (There was no time before the Authority.)

While in their main wolf-man form, they known for their ferocity and rage, but when their simple mind overworks, they go though a physical change into a smaller, non-hairy Manling with quadruple the brain power. During the Mighty War, Monstonia used Skinwalkers as spies to learn state secrets from Barondook.
Skinwalker Special Rules:
If the Skinwalker becomes enraged while in Manling form, she turns back to her original state.
While in their main wolf-man form, Skinwalkers cannot use Mind skills.

Diet: Meat or anything meat-like.
Lifespan: 1000-3000 years
Size: 7-9 feet tall.
Racial Skills: Shape Change (Body), Track Scent (Spirit) – You can track and decipher scents in an usually overbearing chaos of smells.
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: ?
Racial Fault: Rageshift

Most Skinwalkers:
  • Live in traveling bands of merchants that set up outside of major cities.
  • Have mixed feelings about their Manling alter ego.
  • Dislike any joke or insult about their Manling self.
  • Shed like crazy
  • Didn’t do well in school due to Rage issues.
  • Don’t drive.
  • Have a no refund or return policy on the products they sell.
  • Are hunted by the Authority for their furs.
Some Skinwalkers
  • Sell knock-off and broken products at the market.
  • Still work as spies.
  • Have little patience.
  • Like to bully smaller beasts.
  • Tell strange stories.
Famous Skinwalkers:

Johnny Elodoth- A famous Monstonia spy from the Mighty War. Rumor has it with out him, Abraham Lincolnstein would never have gotten into power.
Thomas Cupburn – A sleazy merchant that controls a ring of Skinwalker merchants. Tommy often works with the Mob to make sure that he gets the best selection of unlegal wares.


Trolla are an ancient race of hulking, bestial creatures who come from the rugged mountain lands. They are known for their bloodthirsty rage, and they have a tradition of eating other monsterfolk.
Trolla have large tusks, with huge clawed hands, big feet, and formidable strength. Mature trolls have a pair of horns that extend from either side of their shaggy heads, usually shiny black or brown in coloration. They usually wear little clothes besides leather straps, gloves, belts, and boots. The are the largest of the “civilized” monsterfolk.

Diet: Meat and jerky and more meat and meat drinks and doomshine
Lifespan: 60-90 years.
Size: 8-10 feet tall. Trolla have a +1 size modifier to their Scale.
Racial Skill: Blight Belch (Body)
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: +1 Scale
Racial Fault: ?

Most Trolla:
  • Live in Trolla steamcar caravans pulled by huge tractors
  • Sell scrap metal
  • Eat only street-meat or canned meat product
  • Value battle skill and toughness above social politeness
  • Never leave their extended familial clans
  • Love music, especial the caustic Troll Jazz.
  • Are free spirits, children of the wild
  • Never get their Drivers License, and are not acknowledged by the AUTHORITY.
Some Trolla:
  • Leave their clans
  • Learn some trade or skill, such as mechanics or cartography
  • Become bounty hunters or body guards
  • Can engage in a berserk fury called “wonderkill”
  • Fight with hammers instead of bare fists.
Famed Trolla:

Brikka “Banjo” – Traveling musician. Is the most famed throat-singing Troll Jazz artist around. His baritone howls can be heard for miles and echo for weeks at a time.
Huk – Carnie fist fighter. Has traveled through most of Monstru and has never been defeated in the ring. His fists are wrapped in chains and secured with iron locks.


Vendomats, or vendor-mechan, resemble shambling vending machines with smiling pumpkin heads and tin top hats.

Converted from old-time Halloween Golems, the Vendomats were retrofitted as vending machines decades ago, send out to earn money for greedy State corporations. They’ve been known to vend Muzz, radio tubes, poison, spanners, gloves, maps, oilbrew, or wands, and most did their job with gusto. At least at first. Today, they’re largely ignored, as the Great Recession has put a damper on most monster’s disposable income.

Diet: Wood chips and charcoal for the inner-boiler engine (Sawdust Chews®)
Lifespan: Up to 500 years, with regular maintenance.
Size: 5-7 feet tall.
Racial Skill:  Advertise (Spirit)
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: ?
Racial Fault: ?

Most Vendomats:
  • Are good speakers, able to hawk their product with endless enthusiasm
  • Have plenty of room to carry equipment – by sacrificing deep stock of their vended product
  • Are licensed, and are programmed to serve a distinct region or a specific highway
  • Answer to a Company Distributor, who fills the Vendomat from time to time, and collects CrowBucks
  • Spend their lives alone, walking on the shoulder of roads and highways – for decades
  • See enough adventure on the road that they seek conservative lives
  • Are fitted with explosives so that most folks are smart enough not to try to rob them
Some Vendomats
  • Have been long forgotten by their company owners
  • Get lost, and have no idea where they are
  • Become smugglers, and work for the Factory Resistance moving contraband
  • Work for themselves, attempting to amass a fortune of their own
  • End up as burnt out shells on the side of the road
Famed Vendomats

Kir 2252 – Kir 2252 broke the regional Muzz sales record 212 months in a row, before he was tragically hit by a drunk driver and exploded. A plaque was placed on the road-side in his honor.


A Rotter isn’t so much a race, as it an infected creature. Any Monster Race (except Patchworks) are liable to contract the virus from the bite of a rotter, which is a painfully slow disease that gradually converts it’s host into a brainless, undead lunatic.

To date, there is no reliable cure for rotterism.

RotCorp was attempting to create a perfume that had the added benefit of killing flies and other pesky insects. This actually worked, but it also killed the wearer and turned the corpse into an undead, flesh-starved, brainless monster. As the zombies bit other folks, the perfume-virus spread, creating legions of these rotters.

Zombie Gone® is now one of RotCorp’s most popular products, and it’s Authority Approved!

Diet: Brains and monster-flesh
Lifespan: Until destroyed. (Headshot)
Size: 3-8 feet tall; same as zombie’s original race.
Racial Skill: Rotter Bite (Body)
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: ?
Racial Fault: ?

Most Rotters
  • Smell really nice. (Like a springtime breeze.)
  • Shamble about slowly, and are not too difficult to outrun.
  • Travel in Legions of 10-500 zombies.
  • Wander the streets and Hellways looking for fresh flesh to eat!
  • Survive until they are torched by a Zombie Control Patrol.
  • Brains matter most when looking for a mate.
  • Live to do nothing more than tear fleshies into little bite-sized pieces.
  • Don’t remember anything about their previous lives.
  • Hate the smell of Zombie Gone®, and will sometimes cause them to explode.
  • Are pretty happy, and always hungry.
Some Zombies
  • Hang onto their minds and dignity for months before they fully “convert.”
  • Live with their Crew until they’re no longer helpful.
  • Turn red and are extremely fast and freaky! (Red Runners)
All Zombies
  • Eventually forget their past lives and identity.
Rotter Details

Rotters never get wound penalties, giving them a relentless ability to resist the effects of damage.

Rotters also heal by consuming the flesh of living things, be it animals or other monsters. I wouldn’t let anyone see you eat other monsters though.

Rotter Decomposition Scale:

Every month a monster that has become aRotter loses more of his self and drifts closer to becoming a mindless dead-head. While a zombie does get stronger, if any potential ever drops below a Poor level, the Rotter becomes a brainless and loses all cognitive ability.
1 Month
-1 Spirit +1 Body
2 Months
-1 Mind
3 Months
-1 Spirit +1 Body
4 Months
-2 Mind
5 Months
-1 Mind and -2 Spirit. +1 Body

Famed Zombies

Mig Nola – The infamous inventor (and Factory Rebellion leader) was turned into a zombie to temporarily stave off death, when he was stomped by a CrowBot. It is rumored that Nola invented some secret way to slow down the virus, though this has never been confirmed. Nola was recently burned-up in an electro-majik experiment.

Kakal – This fast-moving Zombie is believed to be the first of the Red Runner strain, and is probably behind the recent outbreak of the redlings. Several reports indicate that Kakal is somehow impervious to fire and especially clever for a zombie.