There are a large number of interesting folks who have encountered, been a part of, or opposed the Monster Scouts. Here are some of them.

(The format follows this model: Name, Race, Birthdate-Death. Brief description.)

Baron Davis, Manling. 1869-1918?. Founder of the Monster Scouts and friend to manling and monster alike. Presumed trapped in Monstru since 1918.

Big Roro, Monster. Unknown-1918. A member for Baron’s War Patrol, Big Roro was known to have a big heart, funny sense of humor, and a wicked bite. Killed by Blotvar in France.

Blotvar, Corrupted Trolla. 1877-?. Created by Dr. Vloin, Blotvar was an immense trolla with metal fists embedded with machine guns. Killed Big Roro in France.

Duke Davis, Manling. 1869-?. Monsterologist brother to Baron Davis, Duke achieved middling status in the organization before disappearing in 1938. (Monstru?)

Dr. Anton Vloin, Manling. 1848-1918. German scientist who was the mastermind behind the “Monster-Kämpfer” Program (monster fighters), he invented the Rotters.

Joh Woefix, Manling? 1510-?. The founder of the Skull Scouts, Joh has been a fixture of the Monster Scouts since the order’s inception.

Kline Redback, Manling. 1938-1968?. American folk musician and friend of monsters who achieved brief fame in the music business with his album “I’m a Monster, too.”

Marrow Thatch, Halloween Golem. 1903-present. Marrow was “discovered” in a freak electrical storm, when he was struck by lightening. He is known to have wandered off into the forest, sometime after 1919.