Monster Scouts: Believe in Monsters

We Believe, Study and Protect Our Monster Friends



Log Monsters Ceremony

An Art Ceremony where monsters are freed from their log prisons

Lingo Guide

Just as in any culture, a specialized lingo has emerged from the folk of Obscuria. More results are being added as they are discovered. Applegak – A swill, sold by Goblins, made from spoiled apples and offal. Don’t drink it. Applesauce – An… Continue Reading →


Obscuria is the “real” world shown through Imagine8ing, revealing Monsters, Weird Weather, and Secret places. It exists alongside the “normal” world, but also features “Otherwhere” spaces – strange landmarks, secret cities and other places that Nodds could never ever go. This “Veil” of “unseeing” overlays everything,… Continue Reading →

Monsterologist Merris Scandle

My Dear Sirs and Madams of the Monsterology – Dr. Merris Scandle continues to be a thorn into the budding growth of the Monster Scouts. He, on many occasions, has been caught poaching creatures – both Monsters and Nodds – from… Continue Reading →

Imaginary Friend

From the desk of Major Applecart, L.O.M.E.°: For your consideration, a rare corporeal example of an often neglected monster subgroup: The Imaginary Friend. Little Margot has discovered the joyous company of her new friend Aloysius J. Hamfish III, an extremely… Continue Reading →

Warlock Stick of Majik

ARCHIVE OF THE DARK LIBRARIANS, Artifact Number #115712-C38 The Warlock Stick of Majik was first discovered hanging from the branches of a bone white tree, on October 10, 1913 by Scout Lex Barthule. (Somewhere outside of Monstervania.) It was believed… Continue Reading →

Warlock Duke

"My brother, Duke Davis, is something of a Warlock. No, not the GOOD warlock kind, but the bad kind. He traffics in monster parts, Noir Magic, and probably many worse things."

Code of Conduct

All Monster Scouts are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct:
  1. I shall hurt neither Monster or Man.
  2. I will behave with Uncommon Sense.
  3. I pledge to have fun with my Crow Scout friends, imaginary or not.
  4. I shall laugh first at myself.
  5. I will celebrate my flaws, oddities and broken nature.
  6. I will strive to make the 2 worlds less ungood.

Why Believe In Monsters?

Monsters are the most misunderstood and mistreated of creatures. It is our duty to help them.Baron Davis

In Monsters We Trust

Our Oath: I PLEDGE TO BELIEVE AND STUDY AND PROTECT OUR MONSTER FRIENDS Our Law: A Crow Scout is kind, odd, honorable, spooky, thrifty, and irreverent.

Baron on Crows

While many have written off Baron as being a "crazy old coot", the Monster Scouts know the truth. Baron journeyed to Monstru with the help of the field Crows from the Davis homestead.Today, Crows are the symbol of our Order; they represent the Guide, wisdom, and truth - their wings symbolize the Journey.

While many have written off Baron as being a “crazy old coot”, the Monster Scouts know the truth. Baron journeyed to Monstru with the help of the field Crows from the Davis homestead. Today, Crows are the symbol of our Order;… Continue Reading →

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