Here at Monster Scouts, I like to share stuff that we’re working on, creating, and even, have already made.

A lot of us M’ Scouts game, so I thought that I’d share a very old creation of mine: the Ultimate Game Table. I was one of the first people to build an unusual gaming table, one made for tabletop RPG and wargaming… and I still think that it stands as a pretty cool creation. We built ours sometime in 2002; our friends GeekChic didn’t really start until 2008. (But still, their tables are works of art and the nicest gaming tables I’ve ever seen.) My game table had a Dieselpunk vibe, and would never be confused with fine furniture.

Once we moved to Arizona and we started Steam Crow, we didn’t have the room for the Ultimate Game Table, and we ended up selling it for less than the cost of materials. It was a sad day, but know that I’ve got some new plans I’m working on, for an industrial-style pipe game table.

I wish that I had better photos, but this is what I’ve got.

Here’s a still older gallery, but might show some other views. This basically covers ALL of the photos that I have of the thing: